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2016-17 Year 6 Autumn Term Curriculum



This term we will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, focussing heavily on reading aloud and fluently for an audience. Throughout the unit, children will study narrative structure and character development, producing their own narratives in the fantasy genre.

In guided reading, children will read a variety of texts, including narrative, poems, newspaper reports about current events and excerpts from classic and historical novels. Children will learn how to read the texts quickly and accurately and will answer written comprehension questions. This is in addition to their Accelerated Reader targets.

In Spelling and Grammar, the children will learn and apply a range of spelling rules and conventions and will work on varying their punctuation and sentence structure.



During the autumn term, we will be focussing on learning new arithmetic skills and embedding calculation skills from previous years. This will include learning to use written methods of calculation for all four operations, calculating percentages and adding and subtracting fractions. Children will learn the skill and then have opportunities to apply their calculating skills by solving problems in context.



This term, children will explore how life on Earth has changed – and continues to change- over time. Children will learn about fossils, extinction, inheritance and evolution. The focus of the unit will be for children to explain a scientific theory and understand the evidence that underpins it.



The autumn term will provide children with the opportunity to study the geography of rivers and the history of World War Two. In geography lessons, children will use maps and atlases to identify the location and features of rivers both in the UK and across the world. In history, children will read the novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and will make an educational visit to the Imperial War Museum North.


The autumn term art topic in Year 6 is painting and will take place on a super learning art day in October.



The autumn term PHSE topic in Year 6 is New Beginnings and will take place on a super learning art day in October.


Religious Education

The autumn term RE topic in Year 6 is ‘Why do some people believe God exists?’ and will take place on a super learning art day in October.



This term the children are learning to use Google Classroom to create Harry Potter themed interviews using Green Screen Technology.


This half term, the children will use and understand staff notation as well as composing using Ostinato patterns and poly-rhythms.


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“Curriculum Newsletter”

  1. February 26th, 2017 at 4:55 am      Reply Harrum Younis Says:

    HELLO!!!! Its me Harrum, I hope you’re all fine! I’ve been missing Plymouth Grove Primary School SO MUCH 🙁 I was bored and I was thinking about Manchester, and how much I missed my Friends and Teachers. And THEN I was like “Oh, I forgot about the BLOGS!”
    So then I quickly turned on the Laptop and, well… Yeah.
    What have you guys been up to? I read the blog and it said that you guys are reading HARRY POTTER?!! :0 It’s so cool to have that as your topic!! 😀 I miss art so much ‘sniff sniff’. How’s the bench getting along?
    Oh, and I hope that Ms.East, Mr.Stringer and Miss.Thompson are getting along OK. AND AND AND YOU HAVE TO TELL ME THE PLAY YOU’RE GOING TO PUT ON AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!! X0

    Ok now, Bye, And reply when you can!

    • April 25th, 2017 at 10:10 am      Reply Miss East Says:

      Hi Harrum, lovely to hear from you, apologies for the delay (you know how busy Year 6 is).
      We have been reading Wonder as well as Harry Potter and doing lots of revision.
      Your bench is up in the new library of the new school and it looks brilliant.
      We are all doing well, thanks Harrum.
      Our end of year play is “Beauty and the Beast”.
      Please let us know where you are living and what you have been up to.
      Speak soon and hope all is going well,
      Ms East and Year 6

  2. April 24th, 2017 at 6:13 pm      Reply Aziz Says:

    Bitesize is very helpful when trying to find maths facts. I did some work on shape like area, perimeter and volume. I also did some revision on parallel and perpendicular lines. Another thing that I did was some revision on ratio.

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